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International NGOs’ aid budgets now matching governments’ September 3, 2008

Posted by jasonized in news.

By way of AidBlog, an interesting graphic:

It comes from a policy brief arguing that large international NGOs should implement the transparency and harmonization that they demand of official development assistance (that is, the kind that comes from governments). Choice quote: “Ethiopia, for example, hosts five separate affiliates of World Vision, seven of Oxfam’s agencies, six of Care International’s and twelve of Save the Children, many of which even open separate offices in the country.”


1. eldelph - September 6, 2008

Interesting stuff… foundations and NGOs are both getting called out on this as their numbers and $$$ are getting bigger. Gates has really drawn a lot of attention to private funding sources. Yet Gates was the only private funders present at the signing of the Paris Declaration!

Check out eurodad.org and betteraid.org for lots of good analysis at the recently-wrapped up HLF on aid effectiveness in Accra.

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