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Interesting recent links 18-Nov-09 November 18, 2009

Posted by jasonized in news.

1. 30-40% of World Bank funds are stolen, challenges Stever Berkman. “[T]he pressure to disburse funds makes it easy for corrupt people in borrowing countries to divert and steal from aid programs with impunity.”

2. Do cellphones outnumber light bulbs in Uganda? While the numbers aren’t easy to find, it’s clear that cellphones are outpacing access to grid electricity in poor parts of the country–and probably sub-Saharan Africa as a whole.

3. Cloud computing + cellphones = bottom of the pyramid services. (Skepticism of BoP notwithstanding, it’s a clever connection.)

4. Mechanical Turks + P2P + refugees = the Give Work app. Now if only I had an iPhone to test it out. (Or maybe I should stop error-checking my data and outsource it.)

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