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USAID finally gives resources direct to beneficiaries February 5, 2010

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Via AP:

US Puts Locals in Charge of AIDS Spending

U.S. and South African AIDS workers say putting more of the decision-making in local hands can help stretch donor money, amid concerns international giving will be limited because of the global recession.

…instead of channeling U.S. funds to South Africans, CRS would now serve as a partner for monitoring, clinical and other services, and would now be paid by the South Africans.

”The person in charge, who is the local partner now, they decide what they need and they pay for it,” Stark said in an interview Thursday.

This is great. While the motivation may not be pure, I am excited to see the US for the first time putting resources directly into the hands of beneficiary communities’ agents and letting them be buyers of services. Anyone know who at USAID okayed this one?

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