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Dan Kammen is giving a speech on Climate Change and Peace September 16, 2008

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United Nations Association–USA East Bay, League of Women Voters Berkeley, Albany Emeryville, International House at University of California, Berkeley Invite you to celebrate United Nations International Day of Peace Climate Change and Peace

Keynote Speaker: Daniel M. Kammen UC Berkeley Professor: Energy and Resources Group; Goldman School of Public Policy; Co-Director Berkeley Institute on the Environment Member, United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Panelists: Miguel Altieri, UCB Professor, College of Natural Resources, on agroecology and the world’s food supply

Maximillian Auffhammer, UCB Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Place and Date: International House, 2299 Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley, Sunday, September 21, 2008
3 to 6pm


Interview with Esther Duflo on randomized-control evaluations of development September 12, 2008

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Here’s a great interview with Esther Duflo of MIT’s Poverty Action Lab. She really takes the time to make insightful answers to great questions, and if you’re at all interested in randomized-control evaluations of development programs, she’s pretty much one of the top practicioners worldwide.

World Affairs Council event? September 12, 2008

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One of the best resources for international policy in our backyard is the World Affairs Council, which brings excellent leaders, intellectuals, and practicioners of international affairs to the Bay Area. Their September calendar is up, and last year it was a delightful evening with IPPG–first an interesting talk in the classy Fairmont Hotel and then dinner at a cheap India restaurant.

I’m thinking it would be great for a bunch of us to go to either:

9/18 The Power to Protect: Genocide Prevention and Intervention


9/29 Illegal People: Labor and Migration in a Global Economy

Any preferences or thoughts? (Though I’m realizing I have class on 9.29 at night, nonetheless it might be a great time out if someone wants to organize it.)

Pratham is coming to the Bay Area September 11, 2008

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Pratham, one of the largest Indian NGO, is hosting Gala this Saturday Sept 13th  for its fundraising.  It will be held in Sillicon Valley, so it’s a bit far for us,but worth knowing what Pratham is. Click on the below website.



Welcome! and self-introduction September 11, 2008

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Hi IPPGers,

Welcome to IPPG!  This blog looks fantastic.

So, allow me to introduce myself.

I am Mariko, a second year student. I am 100% Japanese and was born in Kamakura, old city near Tokyo. But was raised up in 7 different countries including Japan, Austria, Pakistan, France, the Philippines, Suisse and NY. My first contact with the poverty was Pakistan. My family and I lived in Pakistan for 3 years when I was in kindergarten. Although was a naughty little kid, I do remember the moment I was very confused and shocked when I first learned the fact that there is “poverty” in the world. So, Pakistan is sort of my hometown in my heart which taught me which direction I should go. In France, Austria, the Philippines and NY, I enjoyed being in a diversed community with lots of great friends.  I came back to Japan for university and I majored in Economic Development. Microfinance was my main field and went to Vietnem to conduct field reserach for a month. Vietnamese food was soooo good! ( I think the top 3 food in the world is, no1 Japanese, no2 Vietnamese, no3 Italian!!!)  After college, I worked at J.P.Morgan and UNESCO and  I am here at GSPP!  My APA will be something about vocational training provided by MFI and job opportunitiy for women in India.

Mariko Katsura tyring to hang Taj Mahal
Mariko Katsura tyring to hang Taj Mahal

I love walking in the forest, horse riding, tennis, lacross and most importantly food:) 

OK, this post is getting too long.

I am hoping that this IPPG will be an exciting place to exchange our thoughts and benefit from many exciting people and events happening on and off campus. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night at 6pm for the 1st IPPG meeting.

Welcome! August 5, 2008

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If you’re reading this, you’re either just about to enter GSPP and get a big heaping pile o’ policy, or you’re coming back to GSPP for seconds. You are all new to this site, however–so welcome to IPPG’s blog/community space/rumpus room. Granted, it’s a bit sparse right now, but at least it’s not as chilly as Room 250 (first-years, you’ll understand soon enough).

Jason Burwen

Jason Burwen

Allow me to make the first introduction. My name is Jason Burwen, and I’m a returning second-year to GSPP. I came to GSPP after several years in social-benefit NGOs, culminating in co-founding a disaster relief non-profit after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I have also spent good time around the world, spending the most time in Brazil, India, and Nepal. My interests generally fall under the concept of “development,” although I don’t like the term; I find myself most drawn to information technology in development, poverty alleviation, and international economics, but I also like getting into topics ranging from security to the natural environment. (I am happy to talk endlessly about any of those subjects, too.) I am a Bay Area native and lover of all things San Francisco. I play guitar, practice capoeira, dance dance dance, cook delicious food, and enjoy the outdoors–be that nearby redwoods or my own backyard. I’m just finishing up a summer at the US Government Accountability Office and am looking forward to getting back to school and meeting all of you!

I encourage you all to introduce yourselves–just say hey at the least if you don’t want to write an extensive intro. Until I figure out how to add users, I suppose just respond in the comments thread. Looking forward to (virtually) meeting y’all!

UPDATE: I think I have figured out how to let people post to the group blog. You’ll need to send me your email address that you’d like to use. Drop me an email at jason [at] burwen [dot] com.

Why this site August 5, 2008

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In the fall of 1999, several students at the Goldman School of Public Policy came together out of a common interest in applying their skills to international issues and engaging in a cross-border dialogue on policy practices. As members of the International Public Policy Group, students hosted events and social outings while at the same time devising way to enhance GSPP’s international stature. In 2003, several IPPG students issued a year-long study detailing the international resources available at GSPP and recommendations to increase the international content in the curriculum; the student body as a whole then ratified the report. However, since then IPPG has alternated through periods of liveliness and dormancy, falling into near collapse during 2007-08.

GSPP changed during this time as well. In 1998, former US Assistant Secretary for Arms Control Michael Nacht became Dean and injected international security issues into course offerings. GSPP renovated its facilities and began accepting 2-3 times as many students each year, including a growing proportion of students from outside the United States. The faculty attempted to recruit a tenure-track spot for a professor of international development or macroeconomic policy.

In 2007, as part of their semester project for PP260 Leadership, Management, and Social Change, several GSPP students made the case for increasing institutional memory at GSPP. They argued that, in a two-year professional program, students cycle through the school so rapidly that lessons learned and other valuable resources are rarely transferred. IPPG has suffered from this lack of continuity as well, as every year students must rediscover anew the diverse international resources at UC Berkeley, the courses to take and to avoid, the deadlines for internships, the most helpful alumni, and the efforts of students before them to make progress in enhancing GSPP’s international elements. Most importantly, IPPG members that leave GSPP are the most valuable resource GSPP students have, and there has been no forum for keeping alumni and students connected.

That is the inspiration behind this site. This is a space for IPPG members and alumni to share resources and stay connected. In so doing, we can enhance GSPP and the internationally-oriented careers of its students and alumni. And of course, we can have some fun.

You are invited to make this space yours, under the principles of sharing and connecting. Not sure how? You can post:

  • a link to an interesting news article or blog post
  • a commentary on an issue that you are fired up about
  • a review of a course or professor
  • information about an internship you just researched
  • an idea about enhancing GSPP’s international character
  • a question that someone in IPPG would know the answer to
  • the name of someone you found useful to network with
  • announcements of talks/conferences/events
  • pictures or yourself all over the world
  • a comment on someone else’s post and start a discussion
  • information on how to do something at UC Berkeley
  • job leads
  • general insights that just need to be shared

This is your community. You get out of it what you put into it, and your contribution will inspire the rest of us to contribute as well. Ultimately, your time at GSPP and beyond will be better for it!