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Our Training

Spring Semester, First year: Introduction to Policy Analysis

Students work in teams to as consultants for on-campus and off-campus clients. The project aims to integrate various social science disciplines to enable students to apply these perspectives to problems of public policy. Throughout the project, students will combine their previous expertise with knowledge gained during the first semester of coursework in policy analysis and management, economics, sociology and quantitative methods for analysis of existing complex policy problems.

Summer Break: Summer Policy Internship

Students are required to complete a policy internship during the summer between the first and second year of study. Students choose positions as apprentices to policy practitioners in international, federal, state, or local government agencies; non-profit organizations; private sector corporations and consulting firms; in the United States and abroad.

Spring Semester, Second year: Advanced Policy Analysis

Each student is required to conduct a thorough analysis on a major policy question. In this research, students will apply the interdisciplinary methods, approaches, and perspectives studied in the core curriculum. The Advanced Policy Analysis (APA) projects serve as master’s theses and provide an opportunity for peer review and criticism of the student projects, together with continuing evaluation by the instructor. Most research is done in the field, and involves interviewing and collection of primary data prior to the actual analysis.

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