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Welcome! and self-introduction September 11, 2008

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Hi IPPGers,

Welcome to IPPG!  This blog looks fantastic.

So, allow me to introduce myself.

I am Mariko, a second year student. I am 100% Japanese and was born in Kamakura, old city near Tokyo. But was raised up in 7 different countries including Japan, Austria, Pakistan, France, the Philippines, Suisse and NY. My first contact with the poverty was Pakistan. My family and I lived in Pakistan for 3 years when I was in kindergarten. Although was a naughty little kid, I do remember the moment I was very confused and shocked when I first learned the fact that there is “poverty” in the world. So, Pakistan is sort of my hometown in my heart which taught me which direction I should go. In France, Austria, the Philippines and NY, I enjoyed being in a diversed community with lots of great friends.  I came back to Japan for university and I majored in Economic Development. Microfinance was my main field and went to Vietnem to conduct field reserach for a month. Vietnamese food was soooo good! ( I think the top 3 food in the world is, no1 Japanese, no2 Vietnamese, no3 Italian!!!)  After college, I worked at J.P.Morgan and UNESCO and  I am here at GSPP!  My APA will be something about vocational training provided by MFI and job opportunitiy for women in India.

Mariko Katsura tyring to hang Taj Mahal
Mariko Katsura tyring to hang Taj Mahal

I love walking in the forest, horse riding, tennis, lacross and most importantly food:) 

OK, this post is getting too long.

I am hoping that this IPPG will be an exciting place to exchange our thoughts and benefit from many exciting people and events happening on and off campus. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night at 6pm for the 1st IPPG meeting.